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In a world that is gaining velocity and is more demanding, do you have the vision? Ideas are the currency of the 21st century... even one new concept applied in an organization can change everything for the better! Nelson And Associates is a thought leader that specializes in helping leaders see the world in new ways. NA has used innovation, velocity, and future vision to build his company, and to advise clients. We work with clients to identify areas of improvement with how they are using technology as a tool. To do this, NA not only relies on years of experience, but also on a network of associates and contacts in the industry globally. NA, by working in a number of industries has been able to help clients by implementation of technologies from one industry to another. With over 35 years of working in leading edge technologies, see what NA can do to help you.


"What you do speaks so loudly I cannot hear what you say" Ralph Waldo Emerson


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Nelson And Associates offers a wide range of electrical engineering product design and development capabilities. We can satisfy your design needs with decades of experience in analog and digital circuit design. Nelson And Associates electrical engineering specialties include microcontroller/DSP-based design, , RF/wireless design, and much more. Utilizing state of the art technologies, we can efficiently bring your product from concept to realization. Nelson And Associates electrical engineering and circuit design experiences have worked on a variety of products. Consumer electronics, medical devices, computer peripherals, transportation and communications products are just a few of the product categories in which we have extensive analog and digital electrical circuit design experience. Nelson And Assciates has an extensive set of tools for electrical circuit design, simulation, and testing. We have the right combination of talent and state of the art equipment which allows Nelson And Associates to deliver you a design optimized for functionality and manufacturability. Current products are being manufactured for the Commercial Vehicle market. With over 15 years and over 200,000 installations these products have shown both performance and reliability. Innovation has always been the key to our development for the Commercial Vehicles. We have set the technological standard for this industry. For further information please contact us to review your needs with our offerings Nelson And Associates expertise in Printed Circuit Board Assembly spans more than three decades. From low-volume and high-mix to advance high-volume manufacturing, Manufacturing expertise is a NA core competency. NA is both ISO 9001:2008 and ISO/TS 16249 compliant. As with all NA processes, PCB assembly services begin and end with customer satisfaction. Maximizing yields and minimizing defects are ongoing efforts in striving for the ultimate goal: providing customers with quality product and on-time delivery. Employing state-of-the-art equipment maximizing automation, speed, accuracy, flexibility, and easy setup. NA constantly evaluates the latest machine technology to add value to our overall manufacturing process. Throughout the manufacturing process, from bare board through reflow to final inspection we employ simple fundamentals and quality that allow NA to provide customers with agile, flexible and low-cost manufacturing solutions. Nelson And Associates is a creative-services provider that producing media content for individuals and corporations. The company utilizes the latest audio/video technology to produce cost-efficient promotional, instructional, and original media content. Nelson And Associates services are targeted to several markets, including television stations, corporations, advertising agencies, and individuals. We initially started our business by providing media content to producing product-related instructional media for manufacturers. By producing quality media to our clients’ specifications and support for broadcasting their message, we are positioning ourselves to take over market share from our competitors and increase our profits.





To facilitate more expedite services to your organization we offer  Microsoft Teams  for more constant and immediate contact during discussions and project reviews.

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